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2. Seiton, Rapi,Systematize,Orderliness (2)

Seiton is putting the necessary items in their place and providing easy access. This is an action to put every necessary item in good order, and focuses on efficient and effective storage methods. Action items:

1. Make sure that all unnecessary items are eliminated from the workplace.
2. Taking into account of the work flow, decide which things to put where.
3. Take "before" photographs wherever necessary.
4. Also decide with colleagues about which things to put where from the point of view of efficient operations.
5. This should be done as per the frequency of use of items. More frequently used items should be kept near the workplace (see Nos. 9, 10 and 11 under
6. Workers should answer these questions:

  • What do I need to do my job?

  • Where should I locate this item?

  • How many of this item do I really need?

7. Make a plan based on the principles and locate things accordingly.
8. Use 5Whys to decide where each item belongs.
9. Locate needed items so they can be retrieved in 30 to 60 seconds with minimum steps.
10. Make sure to inform everybody at the workplace about positioning of the items.
11. Make a clear list of items with their locations and put it on lockers or cabinets.
12. Label each locker/drawer/cupboard to show what is kept inside.
13. Outline locations of equipment, supplies, common areas and safety zones with lines:

  • Divider lines define aisle ways and work stations.

  • Marker lines show position of equipment.

  • Range lines indicate range of operation of doors or equipment.

  • Limit lines show height limits related to items stored in the workplace.

  • Tiger marks draw attention to safety hazards.

  • Arrows show direction.

14. Identify all needed items with labels.
15. Take "after" photographs.
16. Complete evaluation using 5S levels of implementation with the facility manager or the authorized person in the organization.

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