Jumat, 21 November 2008

How to Get Paid to Write

By Angela Booth

Anyone can get paid to write. With hundreds of millions of Web sites online, many sites are thrilled to have someone offer to write for them. If you've always wanted to get paid to write, you have unlimited opportunities.

Here's an easy step by step method to get paid to write.

Step One: Make A List Of Your Interests. Write down everything you're interested in. Start with your lifestyle - if you're a parent, for example, you can list children and parenting. Perhaps you enjoy watching sports - if so, write down all the sports you know something about. Perhaps you like to cook. Many Web sites would pay for you to write about cooking.

Step Two: Find Markets. The next step is easy. Just go to your favorite search engine, and type "articles wanted" with (quotes) into the search query field. Although Google is the most popular search engine, but try Yahoo and some of the smaller engines as well. You'll find that hundreds of thousands of sites are looking for articles.

Then go to the Advanced page on the search engine you chose. Your "articles wanted" will already be entered. Enter "pay" - no need for quotes - into one of the Additional search fields, and press search.

When I tried this, 19 thousand results were returned in Google, so you have many people who are eager to pay you to write.

Step Three: Collect Ten Sites Who Want To Buy Your Writing. Browse through the results until you find ten sites who will pay you to write. Make a note of their requirements, and start writing.

So, there you have it - just three, easy steps to getting paid to write.

Angela Booth is a veteran freelance writer and copywriter. She also teaches writing. Visit her blogs - Angela Booth's Writing Blog at http://copywriter.typepad.com and Fab Freelance Writing at http://fabfreelancewriting.com/blog for daily writing inspiration and motivation. Subscribe to the Fab Freelance Writing Ezine at http://fabfreelancewriting.com/ezine/fab-freelance-writing-ezine.html to receive "Write And Sell Your Writing: The Power-Write Report" free. It's 21 pages packed with information to help you to develop a six-figure writing career.

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